Sunday, January 25, 2009


So this is the second blog in the history of all blogs... for me at least... for the time being. I've commandeered one of the two digital camera's my house, deleted the pictures, created a new folder on my drive, and prepared my blog.
I'm writing to tell, anyone who's listening, about a book I've begun reading. (I read a few books, and this seems as a good a place as any to vent about them.) This book is Cell by the beloved-best-selling-author of just about the scariest shit out there: Mr. Stephen King. (I'm sure many of you have read at least some of Stephen King's work; maybe you've read Cell, who knows.)
Well, the book starts out pretty casual, (I'm about a third done.) a man, Clay Riddel is buying an ice cream cone. Pretty standard stuff. When this "pulse" (also name of first section) emerges through the millions of cellphones and makes everyone go nuts... They're scratching and bitting, tearing each other limb from limb. And it's all because of a cell-phone signal... Really Mr. King. You wrote the Shinning (scared me shitless)!! And now you're writing a book about evil cellphone signals... Come on.
But all in all, the plot aside, the story is quite extraordinary. The characters are vivid and discriptive, and you really get the feeling of Boston burning. (when the cell carriers go awall it's survival of the fittest.)
It's a sort of zombie apocalypse filled with very smart, cell-phone carrying zombies.
This book reminds of that Family Guy episode where Stephen King pitches and idea about a "killer lamp."
Very riskey... Hopefully when I'm done with this book I'll have a better understanding from which Mr. King is comming from.
I'd give this book, at least so far, 3/5 Stars.

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