Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Bored

I'm quite bored at the moment and I'm learning all about the hustle and bustle of becomming an everyday blogger.
This is my dog, Lucky, but he looks very cat-like in this picture. He's also lying on Harry Potter bed sheets. It was good to be a kid.

This is the first blog in Picasa. Like I said I'm learning the ropes. Tomorrow I'm going to be making dinner and I'm hoping to have some commentary on that. Yey!
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  1. hey matt, thanks for following my blog. Im new too. just started a few days ago. Just curious how you found my blog. still trying to see how things work around here.

    Good book commentary and i did see the episode of family guy (my favorite show) with stephen king and the lamp. Keep it up. I love to cook to but dont do it as much as i'd like. take lots of pics and keep us posted!

  2. thanks :) i found your blog by hitting "next blog" haha

    i'd have to say that family guy is also my favorite show...